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Penelope Ford Wiki: Early Life, Wrestling Career & Relationships

Penelope Ford is a professional wrestler from the United States who is currently contracted to All Elite Wrestling. Aside from that, she is well-known for her involvement in Combat Zone Wrestling. Penelope Ford has quickly established herself as one of the most prominent heels in the AEW’s women’s division. 

Ford was signed by the business immediately after the original news conference, with the assumption that she would contribute both as a wrestler and as a manager. Since Ford has moved up from the epidemic period, when there were fewer talents available to her for larger bouts at high-profile events, her success has mostly come on the wrestling side

Going forward in this article, we will learn more about Penelope Ford and Penelope Ford wrestling.

Penelope Ford Age & Early Life

Penelope Ford

Penelope Ford was given the name Olivia Hasler on September 14, 1992. So, Penelope Ford age is 27 years old at the time of this writing. The pro wrestling fanbase believes she was born and raised in the Phoenix, Arizona, area of the United States. At the present, she lives in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

There is little information available about her family, which includes her parents and siblings. Before she stepped into the squared ring, this athlete had been used to a rigorous training regimen as well as performing in front of a huge crowd. As a cheerleader and a gymnast, she has a range of skills that are evident in the movements she executes against her opponents.

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Penelope Ford Height & Physical Appearance

Even though there are scripts that govern the narratives and character development in pro wrestling, it is still a competitive sport. The majority of the men on the scene are large-framed, with well-toned muscles to match. When it comes to female wrestlers, size is not as important as it once was, yet having an athletic physique might work to the wrestlers’ benefit. 

According to her Wikipedia profile, Penelope Ford height is 5 ft 4 in or 1.63 metres and a weight of 115 lbs. While there have been complaints from this sport’s followers over-inflated data, Ford’s claims seem to be genuine, especially if you have seen her in action.

Penelope Ford Wrestling Career

We will see about Penelope Ford wrestling career. Ford began wrestling training at the Combat Zone Wrestling Academy, which is situated in Voorhees, New Jersey, and progressed from there. Later, in 2014, she made her professional wrestling debut with Combat Zone Wrestling. 

It happened in the Dojo Wars show airing on December 17th, in a tag team match in which she and her partner, George Gatton, faced off against Frankie Prichard and Conor Claxton. She was victorious in the match. Two weeks later, she defeated Dave McCall in the inaugural singles event of the programme and claimed her maiden victory. 

In 2015, she competed in a number of tag team fights, where she was able to earn respectable victories over her opponents. Penelope has competed in a number of tag team bouts during the course of her five-year professional wrestling career. 

Some of these are intergender events in which she performs admirably, bringing her side to a number of victories as a result. She has won a number of titles as a member of successful tag teams.

Penelope Ford Championships

When it comes to wrestling and other combat sports, holding a championship signifies that you are the greatest in your own division or group of competitors. Penelope has won a number of championships during her professional career. 

Among them is the tag team title, which she earned by competing in two promotions, Queens of Combat and Women Superstars Uncensored, at the same time. In each of her victories, she competed with Maria Manic. 

She has also competed in Pro Wrestling After Dark as a SAW Women’s champion on one occasion. She is still a young woman, and she has the potential to win many more trophies as time goes on.

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Penelope Ford Kip Sabian & Former Relationships

Penelope Ford Kip Sabian

Penelope Ford was in a relationship with fellow wrestler Joey Janela for more than four years. Bookers’ real-life relationship was interwoven into stories, and they appeared in a number of intergender tag team battles as a result of this. According to TWM, they had a number of breakups over the course of four years, including one when they were apart for eight months. 

They both joined AEW virtually at the same time, however, they haven’t been in the ring together since. She has now taken on the role of Kip Sabian’s valet, accompanying him to the ring for his wrestling matches, however, it is unclear if this is an on-air arrangement.

AEW Penelope Ford

When All Elite Wrestling arrived on the scene in early 2019, it was the buzz of the pro-wrestling world. Finally, World Wrestling Entertainment found a respectable opponent to go off against. Penelope was one of the numerous indie artists that were signed up by the new promotion, which included several other stars from the independent industry. 

She and her former boyfriend Joey Janela were among those who welcomed the news of her joining AEW on January 8th, 2019. She is a key component of the All Elite women’s team and has played for the team since its inception. This was all about Penelope Ford AEW.

Penelope Ford Instagram & Other Social Media Presence

Penelope Ford Instagram

Beyond being an athlete, she is also an entertainer, and social media is an essential tool for anybody working in the entertainment industry. It serves as an effective front for staying in contact with and connecting with fans. 

Ford is active on social media, with 1278 and 75.5k followers, respectively, on Twitter and Instagram, where she is well-known. Penelope Ford Twitter is known for her witty tweets. Instagram seems to be her preferred social media channel, as seen by her 1312 postings as of this writing. 

Mostly, she publishes images of herself in her wrestling attire or during wrestling competitions. The actress appears in a few of them with Kip Sabian, her co-host on the show. Penelope Ford Instagram account is very famous. Sadly, the Penelope Ford OnlyFans account isn’t in existence.

Penelope Ford Finisher

As a wrestler, you must have a variety of movements in order to make the sequence interesting for the spectators. The finisher is the most anticipated move since its execution seems to be devastating and, in the majority of cases, resulting in a victory. Penelope Ford uses the stunner as a way to round off her look. 

This manoeuvre, made famous by Stone Cold Steve Austin, is used by a number of entertainers. Kevin Owens and Ember Moon, who performs a diving variant of the move, are among the other wrestlers who use it.

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Penelope Ford Net Worth

We have seen everything related to Penelope Ford wrestling. Now let’s reflect some light on Penelope Ford net worth. Penelope Ford net worth is $5.00 million, which she has earned via her professional wrestling career. The Wrestler of the United States of America is a popular nickname for him. 

She is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished female wrestlers in history. Her primary source of income and net worth comes from her professional wrestling career in the United States.

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