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11 Natural Baby Products To Soothe, Clean, & Nurture Your Little One

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“The healthiest range of organic baby care products to pamper your little ones”.

Caring for your baby is one of the most fulfilling experiences you could have. The skin of your little one is very delicate and requires constant care. In his/her first months of life, we apply a considerable amount of products directly to his/her skin every day, such as gels, shampoos, wipes, diaper cream, moisturizers, bath oils, etc. to nourish his/her skin in the best way possible. That is why the type of products we choose for our little souls has to be the best in all terms such as originality, chemical-free, paraben-free, free from sulphates, silicon-free, cruelty-free, and non-toxicity. Below you will get to explore a wide range of products for your baby’s skin infused with nourishing formulas especially aiming to reduce discomfort caused by gas, cough, facilitate rest and relieve uneasiness from the exit of the first teeth of your little baby.

Fortunately, awareness and commitment to taking care of one’s self are increasing considerably nowadays. We take care of our skin using natural ingredients on a daily basis. As a consequence, these habits also gradually build up in the same manner in our children. Therefore, using the best baby care products for the wellness and skincare of children and infant babies as well is becoming an obligation that ensures protection from the very first beginning stage of their life.

List of 11 Natural Baby Products

Here’s a vast range of branded baby skincare products that will keep the cuddlesome skin of your little bundle of joy hydrated, and irritation-free throughout the day.

1. Babyganics moisturizing daily lotion

Babyganics moisturizing daily lotion

This non-allergenic formula is 100% gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin and comes at a nominal price. The ingredient list of this soothing daily lotion by Babyganics features shea butter and aloe and leaves out harmful preservatives like parabens, silicones, sulfates that can lead to skin irritation to your baby’s skin. The stand-out ingredient in this baby skincare lotion is the nourishing and soothing NeoNourish Seed Oil, which contains a special blend of components such as tomato, black cumin, cranberry, sunflower, and raspberry seed oils. Babyganics’ bath care essentials are specifically designed with these exceptional blends to give your baby the love and care he/she deserves.

2. Honest Baby Wipes

Honest Baby Wipes

Baby product line crafts everything with 100% natural and safe to use ingredients. Moreover, these plant-based baby wipes are dermatologically tested and are responsibly made with cucumber and flower extract. After all, convenience is everything when you have your little one, which is why we recommend the diaper & wipe collection for babies. Honest is a world-renowned brand known for a vast range of baby care products and baby care kits. Apart from baby wipes, baby diapers are the most used products since a new life is born. These eco-friendly and hypoallergenic diapers are made up of sustainably harvested fluff pulp which is soft as silk, leaving your little one’s skin nourished, free from discomfort.

3. Beb Organic nourishing oil

Beb Organic nourishing oil

This nourishing baby oil from Beb is worth the splurge! It is designed specifically for the delicate skin of a newborn child; it can be used on the face, body, and scalp as well. Beb organic’s oil is made by blending rosehip, sunflower, and cranberry oil. The oil is NICU-safe, and every ingredient used is ranked as the best for the newborns by other parents as well. It is one the best among baby hair products. This nourishing oil is not just for babies but for parents too.

4. Organic diaper balm by Earth Mama

Organic diaper balm by Earth Mama

This organic balm by Earth Mama is an absolute miracle for your baby’s sensitive skin treating and preventing diaper rashes, and other skin issues such as chapped skin, redness, and protecting cuts and scrapes. Earth Mama is a proven brand that provides natural, effective products to support the whole beautiful journey of early motherhood—from prenatal to postnatal stage. These all-natural products use a combination of traditional plant medicine mixed with longtime wisdom and are clinically tested, and dermatologist approved. It is among the best baby skincare products that offer your baby’s skin wetness protection while still allowing it to breathe.

5. “No More Tears” – Natural baby shampoo by Johnson’s

"No More Tears" - Natural baby shampoo by Johnson's

The world-famous brand, Johnson understands that baby’s eyes are very delicate and need special care. That’s why our baby shampoo with “No More Tears” formula, is specially designed to gently cleanse your baby’s fine hair keeping the pH level in balance, and delicate scalp while helping prevent skin itchiness, redness, and stinging to the eyes. This baby shampoo is clinically proven and 100% recommended by doctors that cleanses gently and rinses easily, leaving your baby’s hair soft, and scalp moisturized.

The new Johnson’s baby shampoo is 100% gentle and the safest baby shampoo to use for your little bundle of joy. It is as mild as pure water specially formulated with purposeful ingredients with no added sulfates, dyes, and parabens. This no more tears shampoo is visible in nature and suitable for sensitive skin as well.

6. The Moms Co. Talc Free Baby Powder

The Moms Co. Talc Free Baby Powder

The Moms Co. Talc Free Baby Powder is a clinically proven, 100% safe baby powder that contains cornstarch which helps in absorbing excess moisture from your baby’s skin. This baby powder is one of the best baby care products for sensitive skin. This powder is good at maintaining the pH level of the skin without using talc. It contains natural and organic ingredients, organic chamomile, jojoba, and calendula oils. Chamomile oil helps soothe and ease irritation, keeping the moisture locked in the skin while protecting it. The Moms Co. Talc-free baby powder does not contain mineral oil, talc, synthetic fibers, and other harmful chemicals. 

7. Shoosha Baby organic eczema healing balm

Shoosha Baby organic eczema healing balm

This multi-purpose organic healing balm by Shoosha is made specifically for newborns with sensitive eczema-prone skin, or other infection-prone skin providing gentle relief against minor skin irritations due to rashes, or insect bites. It is 100% organically formulated with natural ingredients including colloidal oatmeal, tamanu, German chamomile, and evening primrose oil. Shoosha Baby aims at putting transparency at the forefront, which is why they only use natural and clinically proven ingredients. It also contains various antibacterial and antifungal herbs, which means it helps prevent and treat yeast rashes. Shoosha baby organic eczema healing balm has been clinically tested, and dermatologist approved and is free from some of the most common allergens, including lanolin, mineral oil, beeswax, and petroleum.

8. Complete baby care kit by Mamaearth

Complete baby care kit by Mamaearth

You should never compromise on the quality of baby skincare products when it comes to your baby’s wellness. You should always go for quality-checked, clinically tested, and mildness ensured products. Mamaearth’s complete baby grooming kit comes as a package of several products such as baby lotion, shampoo, body wash, mosquito repellent, and sunscreen. These products by Mamaearth are 100% naturally made up of organic ingredients that are dermatologically tested and recommended by doctors for providing goodness to your little angels’ skin. The complete kit comes with plenty of nourishment, moisturization, and cleansing properties for your little bundle of joy. The baby hair products, as well as the skincare products included in the kit, are a proprietary blend of several essential oils that are absolutely safe and hypoallergenic for baby’s skin. 

9. Calming lavender baby wash by Green Beaver

Calming lavender baby wash by Green Beaver

This hypoallergenic baby wash is made from soothing and nourishing ingredients. It’s infused with the goodness of chamomile flower extract and helps preserve moisture in fragile baby skin. This formula is founded by the husband and wife team, Karen Clark and Alain Ménard, Green Beaver offers healthy and natural products for baby skin care to keep his/her skin soft, supple, and nourished throughout the day, and night as well. 

10. Baby soothing oil by Beauty Counter

Baby soothing oil by Beauty Counter

This baby soothing oil is one of the best baby care products by BeautyCounter especially formulated with easy absorbent and hydrating formula. This soothing oil aims to provide soft and supple skin full of nourishment to your little one’s skin. The natural ingredients present in this massage oil provide nourishment to your baby’s skin at its best. This oil is made using four ingredients: vitamin E, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, and coconut oil, so parents know exactly what they’re putting on their baby’s skin.

11. Baby bath soap by Johnson’s

Baby bath soap by Johnson's

Understanding the baby’s delicate skin needs, Johnson’s bath soap is formulated to preserve the baby’s natural skin moisture. It is one of the world-renowned baby care products enriched with Vitamin E with No Harsh Chemicals, No Sulfates, No Parabens, No Dyes. This baby bath bar is easy to grip for bathing your newborn. 100% recommended by doctors, it keeps your little one’s skin soft and supple. Johnson’s baby soap has a rich, creamy lather that gently cleanses your baby’s skin, leaving it moisturized. Johnson’s baby bath bar comes in 2 variants – Johnson’s baby milk soap and Johnson’s baby soap blossoms.

Above are our top 11 picks for natural baby products to soothe, clean, and nurture your little one. Not only is it all-natural and free from nearly all the major parabens, sulfates, silicones, and other chemical infused allergens, but it can be used on several body parts that you may find right as per your baby’s needs. These products have antifungal properties that may help your baby fight against infections and other skin irritations. It can be a little tricky to find the right product for your little one, so when you finally find the one that does wonders, you will be loyal as anything to it for the whole of your parenting career. So, what’s the brand that you love?

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