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The Best Places to Visit in the USA for Every Month of 2021

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Wondering where to go in 2021? You would definitely want your year to begin on a high note and with lots of entertainment. There’s no better way to conquer the winter chills and make them majestic by visiting spectacular vacation spots in us. From places with a tropical climate, mind-blowing attractions, and a plethora of adventures awaits to make your journey remarkable.

The USA offers a wide range of winter special destinations to choose from. Explore the best places to visit in usa 2021 to kick start your new year with a fantastic destination in the US by satiating your itch for wanderlust. Scroll down and make your own list of the best places to find solitude amidst nature, mountains, and on the land of different countries.

All of these below-mentioned places to travel in us have cherishable experiences hidden in their lap. With an extensive number of options, travelers are surely spoilt with exemplary choices. Mark your picks from this list!

As you start to plan your trips for 2021, we’ve pulled together a list of month-by-month inspirations to give you just an exceptional taste of some of our best places to visit in usa this year.

Following are some of the Best Places to Visit in USA:



Ring in the New Year 2021 by visiting the wellness capital of the world, Southern California. It is one of the best places to visit in USA. From your starting point in Los Angeles, there’s plenty to explore as it is the epicenter of Southern California. Turn south to the sun-kissed beaches of Orange County and the laid-back city of San Diego, head inland to the desert landscapes of Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, and Death Valley.

These are the must-visit places to visit in USA in January. This city of Los Angeles has always been covered with glamour with the suburbs of Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and Hollywood. But if the relaxing spas, raw juice cleansing therapies, and cryotherapy are not your cups of coffee, not to worry. Hunt down the sun in the culturally diverse area famous worldwide.



February is the time to wrap up and plan for a thrilling winter road trip. Both full of history, cultural and breathtaking natural beauty, head to Wyoming and Montana, one of the must-visit places in USA for a naturalist-led wolf safari and a wilderness dog sledding adventure.

Let the state of Montana unfold slowly. Montana is a vibrant amalgam of modern history, bespoke landscapes, and diverse cultures are among the best places to visit in USA in February. Take an everlasting journey through the majestic city of Southwest to experience the beauty of Grand Canyon in its winter glory, and indulge yourself at the luxury desert getaway.

Wyoming, an enormous expanse in many ways defines the state. From diverse terrain including everything from vast prairies, scenic drives, rugged mountain peaks to archeological sites,  high altitude red desert, and windblown dunes, Wyoming is among the finest places to visit in USA.



Charleston might be one of our best places to visit in USA in March or on any day of the year. Charleston’s lavish Wine and Food Festival in early March is bliss. Later in the month when the spring flowers start blooming, is the perfect time to wind your way down the Lowcountry coast to Savannah and four barrier islands of Golden Isles. The charming Lowcountry coast is an absolute fun getaway if you are coming all the way from Europe, Washington D.C..



Despite being such a historic city with national treasures and most famous sites, Washington D.C. is one of the fun places to travel in USA that keeps evolving. Even the modernistic museums follow their cultures and welcome the visitors in a friendly way. There’s still a big reason to head to Washington: Cherry Blossom Season. This Cherry Blossom festival spans from the end of March into early April which is a beautiful time to visit Washington D.C.

The best place to visit in USA in April in Washington D.C. is the Tidal Basin, where thousand of trees transform into radiant and fragrant blooms. Getting yourself clicked with the White House, Lincoln Memorial, National Mall while you’re in town will be a total retreat.



There is a higher concentration of national parks right on Utah’s doorstep. These very different geological wonderlands are all in close proximity, making the territory perfect for road trips. Utah is a place that has abundant natural beauty with cherishable experiences. Park City and the mountains near Salt Lake City are home to some of the best skiing in the country. Spring season brings warmer days and chilled nights, making it an idyllic getaway accompanied by endless options for adventure, from exploring hidden canyons and petroglyph-lined caves to world-class mountain biking and whitewater rafting. Southern Utah is much more than a state in the USA. It is one of the best places to visit in USA, which gives you peace of mind.

Carved by breezy wind, water, and time, Utah’s breathtaking landscape is the perfect canvas for rousing adventurers that will blow your mind. From numerous winter sports,  sightseeing Wasatch Mountains to the urban charms of the very famous Salt Lake City, Utah is among the perfect places to visit in USA May where unexpected experiences forge lasting memories.



For a landscape with scenic beauty entirely, California’s Yosemite is truly magical in early June and one of the most famous places to see in USA with the park’s iconic waterfalls in full flow, pleasant days on the valley floor, and flowers such as dogwood, lupine, Mariposa lily, penstemon are in full bloom. The park’s highly elevated areas around Tuolumne Meadows and Glacier Point are accessible under a blanket of snow. Continue north, through the Sierra foothills towards Sacramento city, stopping in former opulent towns and sampling the region’s up-and-coming wineries.

Besides this, turn south to Sequoia National Park and the largest trees on the planet. Overall, California’s Sierra Nevada is one of the best places to visit in USA in June.



At the far reaches of the northeast coastline of America is Acadia National Park, which is among the must-visit places in USA covering Mount Desert Island and beyond. The Atlantic Ocean waves hit rocky point beaches. The massive rocky granite formations loom, quiet forests, lakes, and ponds await you here in Acadia National Park and Mount Desert Island.

Once you have experienced this achingly beautiful island sanctuary, there is plenty of lobster roll food stands waiting near Bar Harbor ready to feed you the state’s mouth-watering crustacean. Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park are the worth visiting places to visit in USA July.



Spending mid-summer out west on a road trip with comfort through Wyoming and Montana is fun. Start with exploring Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park before turning north into the heart of Big Sky Country. Begin with a tutorial with a National Geographic wildlife photographer for a day. Spend with one of the country’s leading naturalists to experience wonderful moments. There’ve been plenty of things that could keep you busy. places to visit in USA August

Emphasizing the “big”, the enormous mountains in the Northern Rockies will make you feel magical. It’s like living in heaven on earth. Montana’s Big Sky Resort is one of the largest & finest ski areas in North America

Snow views are super scenic covered with 11,000-foot peaks and steep slopes. We call them the Moonlight Basin that is merged with Big Sky. 



New Mexico is often referred to as the “Land of Enchantment” due to its revived landscape and crispy clear blue skies that accentuate this kaleidoscopic state of America. New Mexico is among the most beautiful places in America, starting in the wide-open plains to the southwest of Albuquerque city for one of the truly authentic working ranch experiences.

There’s a lot more to view in the city of New Mexico than just a desert and a Netflix show. The seemingly endless skies and epic sunrises make it a prime location for the visitors to mark a visit here at least once. The city of New Mexico is the best place to visit in USA September is dedicated to American modernism.



Let your tastebuds wander in the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival, which is held every year in October extending your chilling summer vibes with the warmest water temperatures of the year accompanied by extraordinary cuisines and drink scenes. Hawaii is among the famous places in USA that enjoy near-perfect weather and warm temperatures year-round.

It might be one of the cool places to visit in USA when traveling throughout the islands.  You will see some variations in the temperature if you are going into the mountains or climbing up the volcanoes. Even in Hawaii, higher altitudes mean lower temperatures. Hence, you can bring along a jacket, so you are not left shivering on your chilled mountain adventures.

Hawaii is a top beach destination with a string of grand shorelines, tropical islands in the Pacific, each with its unique appeal. The capital of Honolulu, Oahu is the most popular is Island. It is one of the best wavy islands where you will find some of the pristine beaches such as Waikiki Beach and Pearl Harbor. Maui is a surfer’s paradise that captures the beauty of the huge caldera landscape. Being home to active volcanoes and pristine coral reefs, Hawaii’s Island comes among the finest places to visit in USA October offering a much-rugged experience.



Far West Texas might be among the tricky places to go in USA. The undiscovered territory adds to its allure. Start your iconic journey in the remote outpost of Marfa sculpture to the part wild west, and indulge yourself in a jaw-dropping landscape on the border with Mexico before heading to Big Bend National Park of Texas. Further across to the east of Texas’s central plains, the liberal city of Austin is a cultural and friendly hothouse of exotic food and live music venues and general weirdness. The state capital is among the perfect places to visit in USA in November and explore the thrilling Texas Hill Country.



Welcome to Miami! Miami, the great beaching destination is the hot spot of southern Florida. Wonderful, sun-soaked beaches can be found all over Florida. Plenty of fringe events happening outside the convention center at Miami Beach. The endless parade of adventure sports cars cruising along Ocean Drive, and the summertime beach scene of South Beach are some of the unique views that make Miami one of the must-visit places in USA.

For a party full of fun in the city of Miami, it has to be Art Basel. In the month of December, the Swiss-born contemporary art fair arrives in the hotspot to exhibit and sell the artistic work of well-established international artists. Miami is definitely among the eye-opening places to visit in USA in December. Check out the public sculpture, and the many pop-ups, gallery events, and installations that have led this to be dubbed ‘Art Week’ by locals.

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